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Smarscale Professional 0.001g Digital Scales Set

Smarscale Professional 0.001g Digital Scales Set (SP50) Description

Smarscale's high quality and high-resolution digital scales.
LCD Display with 4.5 digits
Compact size & light weight
Tare full capacity

Precision: 0.001g
Capacity :50g
Size (L x W x H): 12 x 6 x 2 cm
Warranty: 3 years
Battery: 2 x AAA included
Color: Black
Auto Off: 180 seconds
6 Weighing modes: g, oz, gn, ct, ozt, dwt
Platform Diameter: 52mm
Net Weight: 72g

1 x SP50 Smarscale 0.001g Digital Scales
2 x AA batteries
1 x Tweezers
1 x Gem weighing tray
1 x 50 gram calibration weight
1 x User manual

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