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10ps smellsack Double Zipper Bag 15cm X 10cm

10ps smellsack Double Zipper Bag 15cm X 10cm (SS02-10) Description

Reusable odour proof bags are the perfect answer for sealing and storing your smelliest items. "smellsack" is the best brand of smell proof bags in the world. (

smellsack Features:
> To ensure the best quality, smellsack only select premium thick PA/PE multi-layer food grade plastic as their material.
> Furthermore, all smellsack bags are sealed by a double zipper for super air tightness, regardless of which size they are. smellsack is actually the only brand in the Australian marketplace that has this unique feature.
>The opening is on the long-side, which is more convenient for users to put in or take out their stuff.
> It is ideal for storing any sweet and smelly stuff that you would like to conceal from others.

Black colour with "smellsack" logo printed on the front side.
10 bags per pack.
Size: 150mm X 104mm (6" X 4")
Internal size: 136mm X 71mm

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